New Event over at Plot Points

I am a contributing writer over at Marvel Plot Points, a site dedicated to keeping alive the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game from Margaret Weiss Productions that uses a truly unique dice mechanic and features a very narrative-based roleplaying system. As the name implies, MHRPG draws from elements, powers, and (most importantly) characters from Marvel Comics.

I love roleplaying games and I love comics, so of course I was stoked when I found MHRPG randomly lying around my local Hastings. I love creating datafiles (basically: character sheets) for different heroes and villains, and I especially love creating new Events (Adventure Paths or Modules for you Pathfinder and DnD folks). I have created two Events for Marvel Plot Points in the past and they were well-received by MHRPG players. Today, my newest Event went live and it’s a little different from my Events of the past.

This Event isn’t set in the Marvel Universe, but in the DC Universe! It is titled Suffer the Children and is an action-packed and emotional journey featuring some of your favorite DC Comics characters. I have been working on this Event for the past year alongside finishing the manuscript of my first book. I am so happy to have the ability to share it on Marvel Plot Points and also to share it here with you.

If you are a die-hard fan of comics and roleplaying games, or if you’ve never played a RPG before and want to check out what MHRPG is all about, head on over to Marvel Plot Points and check out Suffer the Children now!


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