David’s Weekly Pull List August 12, 2015

Wednesday is here and that means the comic book shops are stocking up their shelves. Let me show you what issues I’m picking up this week. 

Lando #2detail
Why I’m Picking It Up: 
Oh, Lando. You scoundrel. Of all the characters in the Star Wars Universe, why Marvel chose to do a Lando-centric series is beyond me, but it seems to have been a wise choice on their part. Lando follows scoundrel Lando Calrissian in his life as a space-faring scoundrel before he became leader of Cloud City. Much like in Kanan, we get to see Star Wars’ criminal underbelly, but even more so because Lando is an active participant in it. The story is basically Lando owes money to a dude and he’s pulling off heists and cons with his cyborg pal Lobot to pay them back. I won’t say too much, but at the end of issue #1, Lando pulled a heist that put him on a direct crash course with Emperor Palpatine. Where will this lead? We’ll  just have to keep reading to find out.

Pick it up if…

  • You like Lando Calrissian
  • You want to explore Star Wars’ criminal element
  • You like Ocean’s Eleven-style heists and cons pulled off in a galaxy far, far away

Planet Hulk #4detail (1)
Why I’m Picking It Up: The Planet Hulk of Marvel’s Secret Wars is very different from the Planet Hulk series of the past. This series follows Captain America, Devil Dinosaur, and Doc Green as they journey through Greenland, a territory ruled by gamma-powered monsters all to save Captain America’s warbound Bucky Barnes. From flora to fauna to savages, all are irradiated and super strong. Captain America and Devil Dinosaur make for an interesting pairing if not a very random one. I’m not sure where the series is heading, but the mystery of adventure is certainly alluring and keeps me coming back for more.

Pick it up if…

  • You are a fan of Captain America
  • You are a fan of Hulk/Hulks smashing… everything and anything
  • You like adventure stories into strange and unusual lands

detail (2)Secret Wars #5
Why I’m Picking It Up: Secret Wars is Marvel’s blockbuster series of 2015 and I usually pick up Marvel’s big events (even 2010’s Siege…). Secret Wars will shape the landscape of Marvel storytelling for the future. That sounds like Marvel propaganda, but it really is true. New characters will be introduced, the Ultimates Universe will be erased. It will be all-new, all-different universe. As for the series itself, Secret Wars started out with a gut-wrenching bang and it is reminiscent Marvel’s House of M – everything is different and nothing is as it should be. And I love House of M, so you better believe I’m liking this story so far.

Pick it up if…

  • You love reading Marvel’s blockbuster series
  • You love House of M or similar alternate reality stories
  • You want to know how the Marvel Universe of the future will look
  • You are a fan of great, big super hero teamups and climatic fights

What issues got dropped…
Sometimes, you just have to leave some series behind, whether it be because you need to reduce expenditures or the series take a turn for the worse. These are issues that came out this week that I had previously been collecting, but decided to drop for whatever reason.

A-Force #3
Why I dropped it: A-Force interested me at first: an Avengers team comprised fully of women. (Why females must have their own team instead of featuring strong female characters that stand out in a dual-gender team, I’m not sure.) The heroes of A-Force are among my favorite in the Marvel Universe: She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Miss America, and Susan Storm. However, despite these interesting heroes, I found the series to be lacking. There’s no draw to this series other than reading about female heroes. If the defining characteristic of a character is that she is a girl, that character will be woefully one-dimensional (see Amy the Hedgehog). And this series is really nothing more than… girl Avengers. The writing is bland and the plot even more so.  I’d love to see these heroes featured more prominently in a co-ed Avengers team and in a more well-written series.

So, those are the issues I’m picking up this week. What are you picking up?

Happy reading!


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