David’s Weekly Pull List August 19, 2015

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Before you go get your books from your local comic shop, let me give you a few suggestions of books I’m picking up this week.

detail (1)1872 #2
Why I’m Picking It Up: Marvel 1602 was one of my favorite reimaginings of the superheroes of today. Putting today’s heroes in strange and unusual settings has always piqued my interest. 1872 immediately caught my eye because of this and also because I really love a good Western. In 1872, we find a mining town held under the oppressive thumb of a cowboy Kingpin and his thugs, with Sheriff Steve Rogers fighting against injustice. However, the good Sheriff’s fight has drawn a lot of unwanted attention to him and now he’ll have to contend with the likes of Bullseye, Elektra, Grizzly, and Doc Ock. It’s a showdown at high noon!

Pick it up if…

  • You like seeing familiar heroes in unfamiliar settings
  • You like Westerns

detail (1)Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4
Why I’m Picking It Up: In a world where heroes don’t exist and the world is ruled by a super villain with the combined powers of both the X-Men and the Avengers, what hope is there? Formerly, Peter Parker and his family were hiding their powers so Regent wouldn’t find them. Now, the gloves are off, the Sinister Six is loose, Spider-Man is back in black, and (from the looks of it) even little Annie Parker is joining in the fight! The world knows Spider-Man has returned and Regent wants his powers something bad. How far is Peter willing to go to protect his family? And just who is this clandestine secret agent group wanting to enlist the Spider-Man to their cause? (I’m calling it now: I think the shadowy, eye-patch dude is Hawkeye. You heard it here first, folks.)

Pick it up if… 

  • You love Spider-Man
  • You love one man against the world kind of stories

detailHouse of M #1
Why I’m Picking It Up: 
Like most of Secret Wars series, House of M is a reimagining of a past Marvel Comics story. The original House of M (2005) was one my favorite stories put out by Marvel and still remains what I think the best Marvel blockbuster event in recent years (if ever). If you are not familiar with the original House of M story, the X-Men and Avengers find themselves whisked away to an alternate reality where everything is perfect, but nothing is right, and they must find a way back to their real lives even if it costs them the life they always wanted. Whether this House of M will live up to its predecessor will have to be seen, but I will certainly read issue #1 to see if its worth collecting. Check back here next month to see if it made the cut!

Pick it up if… 

  • You were a fan of Marvel’s 2005 House of M
  • You like the X-Men and the Avengers teaming up

detailKanan #5
Why I’m Picking It Up: 
Kanan follows the story of the character Kanan Jarrus from the TV Show Star Wars Rebels. Ever since fans beheld the heartbreaking execution of Order 66 in Star Wars: Episode III, we have wondered just who survived the extinction of the Jedi and how they did. Before he was the swindling criminal we see in Rebels, Kanan was the Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume. This series follows Caleb’s life as he transitions from the honorable life of a Jedi to a life of doing what must be done to survive. This series also explores the relatively unexplored criminal underworld of the Star Wars Universe.

Pick it up if….

  • You like Star Wars Rebels
  • You want to see what happened to Jedi after Order 66
  • You wish to explore the criminal element of Star Wars

detailSpider-Verse #4
Why I’m Picking It Up: 
Ever since Spider-Gwen hit the stage with last year’s Spider-Verse Event, people have been going crazy for her. Everything from her amazingly designed outfit to her quirky attitude makes her a lovable character. Thankfully for her fans, Spider-Gwen will be getting an even larger role in the Marvel Universe and it starts here in Secret Wars’ Spider-Verse series. Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Noir, along with some other fan favorite Spiders and some new Spiders as well find themselves in a patchwork Battleworld Zone with fragments of memories and an inexplicable draw to one another. They must work together with a benevolent Norman Osborn (yeah, you read that right, benevolent Norman Osborn) in order to find out just what sinister things are afoot.

Pick it up if…

  • You like Spider-Gwen
  • You love Spider-action
  • You want more of your favorite alternate reality Spideys after last year’s Spider-Verse event

detail (2)Star Wars #8
Why I’m Picking It Up: 
I never read a Star Wars comic before Marvel gained the rights, so I can’t speak to how Marvel’s new Star Wars series compare to old Dark Horse issues, but I can say this: these comics are d’ast good. Marvel’s flagship Star Wars series picks up shortly after the end of Episode IV and follows the Rebel Alliance as they try to keep the momentum of their movement going. However, Darth Vader is very hot on the heels of the intrepid heroes and they have a long way yet to go before the Empire is fully defeated. This series has all the fun and action of a Star Wars film and features our favorite iconic heroes from a galaxy far, far away. This series also runs parallel and frequently intersects with the Darth Vader series (which is my personal favorite of the new Star Wars series) so it is very neat getting to see both sides of the story from the two series. This will be the first issue of the series to feature the always great art of Stuart Immonen. I’ll be interested to see if he can keep the same tone as John Cassaday did in issues 1 – 6.

Pick it up if…

  • You like Star Wars (nuff’ said)

What Got Dropped…
You can’t collect ’em all and sometimes you just have to drop a series. Whether it be for money reasons, the series going bad, or just loss of interest, these are the series that came out this week that I am not collecting anymore.

Inferno #4
Why it got dropped: This was a series that was largely dropped simply so I could spend money on other series. Inferno follows a ragged X-Men fighting against the unrelenting hordes of Limbo. It focuses on Colossus and his quest to free his sister Magic from Hell’s grasp (even though she seems quite content to stay where she is). The series was interesting and featured a lot of emotional conflict, but in the end, there were other series in my list that interested me much more.

Runaways #3
Why it got dropped: I love a good teenage, superhero drama. The potential for so much character development and new, exciting venues for a fresh character excites me as much as I would expect it excites the writers. Much like Inferno, Runaways was dropped to make way for series that interested me more. Another major contributing factor to this series being dropped was some liberties that were taken with some characters. I understand this is an alternate reality and each reality has a cast of characters different from Earth-616 in some way, but why does it seem to be the hot thing to make a new version of the character a homosexual? It seems like it is becoming the exciting and new thing to do with an “uninteresting” character to make them exciting again. But to me… it feels kind of stale. Besides, I liked Jubilee just fine as she was.


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