My First Step Into The World of Publishing

Seven years ago, they gathered on a Friday Night around a plastic table with newly-bought dice and character sheets purposefully stained with pizza grease. Little did they know that their fortuitous rolls and Mountain Dew-inspired antics would form the basis for a series of novels. 

In 2008, I DM’d my first Dungeons and Dragons adventure. It was titled The Return of Infernus and I had no idea what I was doing as a DM. I had played maybe once or twice before, but I had never DM’d (and that was half the fun).

(Btw, DM means Dungeon Master. It is basically the person in charge of presenting the story of the adventure to the players and describing the results of their interactions with the story and world therein.)

After we had played, I asked my friends if I should chronicle our adventures so we could go back and read/laugh at them later. They were all unanimous in telling me that I should get right on that. So I did. For the next few years, I chronicled my player’s Friday night misadventures in my fantasy world.

I became very serious about chronicling the story of these characters in my last year of High School. As a kid, I had a love for creating things and found I had a knack for storytelling. These two passions combined when I began to write the first chapter of The Return of Infernus.

The road of writing The Return of Infernus has been a bumpy one. The draft was set aside numerous times, only to be picked up later when I felt my writing had improved. At times, I wondered if all this work was for naught and if I should just throw the project away.

After many identity crises, rewrites, edits, second opinions, years of college education, and professional opinions, I finished my first manuscript.

This past week I solicited The Return of Infernus out to my very first agents in hopes of receiving an offer of representation. 

I am not so foolhardy as to expect an offer from all of these agents clamoring to represent my book (although, it would be nice), but is an exciting step for me. After working on this book and with these characters for so many years to finally have it in a state where I am ready to share my story with the world is exhilarating. Finding an agent to represent your book to major publishing houses is the first step in any author’s quest to become published.

I should expect some sort of feedback with 6 – 8 weeks from these agents on whether they like my book, think my book needs work, or tell me to never waste their time again.

One of my goals for this year is to find a publisher and those mornings that I did not spend writing, I spent researching how to get published.

Publishing-101-thumbnail2A book that I found extremely helpful and eye-opening not only to the publishing world but also to making my book better was Jane Friedman’s Publishing 101. The book offered great insight on the publishing process, how to get an agent, and also how to write a book query letter (basically, a sales pitch for your book). Jane also runs a blog at full of information and tips to help authors find their way in the world of publishing. Check it out if you are an aspiring author like myself.

I have dreamed of being a published author for many years now. I hope my book query will excite agents enough to elicit an offer of representation from them, but if it doesn’t I hope to receive some feedback to make my work better. Always seek to improve what you do. 

Just like those many years ago when I began chronicling the misadventures of a group of delinquent heroes, I will chronicle my adventure into the world of publishing right here.

To all my fellow authors out there, keep writing. 


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