David’s Weekly Pull List August 26, 2015

The first Comic Book Wednesday of the school year is here! My list of comics this week is relatively short, but this is what I’m picking up. 

detailCivil War #3
Why I’m Picking It Up: While it is very different from the Civil War series of 2005 that inspired it, the current run of Civil War is shaping up to be a series full of espionage, and hero-on-hero action. The search for the elusive sniper continues, but at this point I’m wondering if both parties really want to find the sniper or if they want an excuse to go back to war… Iron Man has sent She-Hulk into Captain America’s territory to find answers. Likewise, Captain America has sent Spider-Man and a few other trustworthy agents into the Iron to find out more information on Project: Bellcurve. Who can you trust? Seemingly only yourself.

Pick it up if…

  • You like hero vs hero action
  • You were a fan of the Civil War story from 2005

Star-Wars-Lando-3-1-600x911Lando #3
Why I’m Picking It Up: 
Lando Calrissian has a way of drawing people into his schemes. His titular series Lando has the same alluring ability. The series continues to follow Lando as he cons and swindles his way through the Galaxy and toward paying off his debts. However, his schemes have put him in possession of a very special ship that belongs to Emperor Palpatine himself. It would seem the Emperor is intent on having his ship returned to him, meaning there is something very valuable aboard the vessel, but what could it be? Maybe it has something to do with the three Imperial Guards that Lando just found in the ship’s cargo hold! Can Lando worm his way out of this one? Or will his life be forfeit to the Empire?

Pick it up if…

  • You like con stories (think Ocean’s Eleven in space)
  • You want to know more about the criminal underworld of the Star Wars Universe

Old_Man_Logan_Vol_1_4Old Man Logan #4
Why I’m Picking It Up: 
When Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s “Old Man Logan” run of Wolverine hit the shelves, I was one of the first to grab it.  I had loved the duo’s work in Civil War and now they were tackling one of my favorite heroes and making him an even grumpier version of himself! The current Old Man Logan series picks up largely where Millar and McNiven’s run left off, but of course the world has been changed a little to fit inside the patchwork makeup of Battleworld. Logan seems to have a sixth sense as far as something being wrong with the world is concerned. He was able to sense that the Scarlet Witch’s reality was off in House of M and now he is able to tell that something is off in the Wastelands. The formerly retired Logan has dedicated himself to getting to the bottom of things and that means crossing the walls that separate the different realms (a a sin declared most heinous by God Doom). He’s fought Thors, he’s fought Apocalypse, and he’s fought himself. Now, will Old Man Logan be able to survive the reanimated corpses of Marvel Zombies?!

Pick it up if…

  • You are a fan of Wolverine
  • You want to get to know Old Man Logan before he enters the Marvel Universe proper
  • You like grizzled, old versions of your favorite characters (like Bruce Wayne in Batman: Beyond)

What Got Dropped…

Sometimes, you just can’t collect all the series you want to. Sometimes, a series you love goes sour and you have to drop it. These are comics that I had been collecting, but will not be picking up anymore.

X-Men ’92 #3
Why it got dropped: When I saw the immensely popular line-up of X-Men from the 90’s was going to be getting some love during Secret Wars, I was excited. I grew up watching the X-Men cartoon as a kid and this lineup is probably the most iconic X-Men team in the history of the X-Men (at least to me). Unfortunately, X-Men ’92 just didn’t cut it for me. It appeared as a pale comparison of the X-Men cartoon of old and there wasn’t any soul in the story. Also, I just could not get past the art. Art is very important in comics and if you don’t have a good artist to draw readers in, your series isn’t going to do very well. I will occasionally look past bad art for a stellar story, but this series had neither. (I wish the interior art had been done by the cover artist. That work is gorgeous.) I dropped X-Men ’92 after the first issue.


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