Decision to Discontinue David’s Weekly Pull List

After some thinking this past week, I’ve decided to discontinue my Weekly Pull List series. 

With this blog being young and me being a beginning blogger, there will be things that come and go until I find my niche as a blogger and writer. Luckily, you get to go along for the adventure!

When I first started the blog this past summer, I had plenty of time to blog about everything. The Weekly Pull List seemed like a great idea at first, but as soon as the school year started, I found my free time (and energy) exponentially drained. I’ve had little time to blog, let alone even work on my novels and manuscripts in the past three weeks. It became apparent to me that the Weekly Pull List was a weekly post that was taking up time I could spend blogging about other things or even writing.

A side note to my fellow writers: If something unimportant is taking time away from you writing, it may be time to cut ties with that something. Of course, what is unimportant to a writer is subject to them. Some may say playing videogames is unimportant and takes the place of writing. It’s certainly true that maybe I could spend less time playing and more time writing, but after a day of coraling hyper students at school, I find coming home and playing videogames helps me to relax and unwind. It’s up to you to decide what you cut to make time for your craft, but you should practice writing everyday. (And believe me, I certainly need to take my own advice.)

As the tagline of my blog states, this is “the meager site of a writer trying to write.” While I do enjoy critiquing and analyzing movies, TV shows, and comics, that isn’t what I set out to do. I established this blog as a platform to hone my craft and showcase my talent to an immediately responsive audience. And with over half of my posts being about weekly comic reviews, I could easily understand how someone searching for me after receiving a book query could easily dismiss me as just some blogger.

I’ll still continue to collect comics (of that, you can have no doubt) but as for taking time to post a weekly update about it each week, I will repurpose that time for something else. If I come across a particularly great series, I’ll be sure to let you know via a short blurb about it over on my Facebook page. (You can follow me here.)

As always, keep reading and keep writing!


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