Creative Writing Prompt: The Hungry Creature In The Secret Chest

Every Friday in my English/Language Arts class, I project a random picture on my SMARTBoard and have my students write a creative story about the projected picture. I, along with them, come up with my own creative story about the picture.


This week’s story is darker than our past few… But I give you a few student stories at the end to hopefully cheer you up a little!

Once there was a man who bought a house. As he was inspecting all the rooms, he came across a small door that led down a narrow staircase to a dark room. In the dark room, the man found a chest. Inside the chest was a small, odd-looking creature, with purplish, slick skin and tiny tentacles. The creature seemed harmless, cute even.

As the man looked the odd creature over, it spoke to him. “Please, sir, I am so hungry. Won’t you feed me?”

The man quickly fetched some bread from the cupboard upstairs and fed it to the small creature. The creature ate it and thanked the man.

The man returned the next day and found the creature in the chest was a little bigger. “Please, sir, I am so hungry. Won’t you feed me?”

This time, the man grabbed two slices of bread and put a thick slice of smoked hickory ham between them. The creature was ever so grateful for that.

Every day the man would come down to his secret cellar and the creature in the chest would be a little bit bigger. Soon, the creature outgrew sandwiches and asked the man for more food. Soon, the man was serving the creature plump potatoes, simmering steaks, and fresh fruit.

One day, the man found the creature was almost too big for his chest. It had grown so much since the man had began feeding it. The creature’s hunger wasn’t sated by the man’s food anymore. When the man came to feed it, the creature’s voice was much deeper and more rumbly than before. “I am hungry,” it said. “But I don’t want anymore of your little food. It doesn’t sate my hunger anymore. I want something bigger. Something juicier!”

“But you’ve eaten almost everything I have, friend,” the man said. “I have nothing left to feed you.”

“What about your friends?” the creature purred. “Surely, they must have some food. Bring them by and let them see how hungry and harmless I am. Maybe then they will help you feed me.”

The man thought this was a splendid idea. And rushed back up the stairs and to his neighbor’s home. “I have something to show you,” the man said to his neighbor. He led his neighbor down the narrow stairs and into the dark room. Before the neighbor could say a word, the creature in the man’s chest grabbed the neighbor in his tentacles and gobbled him down.

At first, the man was shocked and felt sick to his stomach, but the creature spoke to him in such a soothing voice. “Don’t worry, my friend. I am your only true friend. It would be better for us if it was only you and me.” The creature spoke in such a soothing voice that the man had to agree with him.

Every day, the monster requested new friends, new food to be delivered to him. Very soon, the creature’s slimy tentacles were spilling over the sides of the chest and its massive bulk was causing the chest to bulge outward.

When the man came down to feed it, the creature laid a tentacle gently on the man’s shoulder. “What do you have to feed me with today, friend?” the monster asked.

“Nothing. I have nothing left,” the old man said tiredly. “You have eaten my food. You have eaten my friends. I have nothing left to feed you.”

“That isn’t true, my friend,” the creature said. Then, the monster’s tentacles trapped the man in their grasp. The man tried to run away, but the monster had become very strong with all that he had fed it and he had become very weak giving all he had to the monster. The man called for help, but all his neighbors’ homes were empty.

So, the monster gobbled the man up.

Student stories:

Jordan, 6th Grade

We have just finished reading Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in my 6th Grade class and to get them more invested in the story I revealed that the character of Hippolyta is indeed the mother of Wonder Woman. Thus why Hippolyta and Wonder Woman appear in Jordan’s story this week.


Cooper, 4th Grade

And in 4th Grade, we had just studied figurative language and poetic devices. Cooper really likes onomatopoeias.


There you have it. This week’s creative writing prompt. What short story does this picture inspire in you? Tell me in the comments below!


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