Predicting the Plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The newest Star Wars film is nearly here and I could not be more ecstatic! With so much secrecy surrounding the plot and characters of The Force Awakens, speculations have been running rampant across the Internet, and I think it’s time I made some predictions of my own.

The Opening Crawl

download Thirty years have passed since the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the second Death Star, yet the Galaxy is still embroiled in war. The New Republic has been healing the wounds the Galactic Empire left behind, but a cell of Imperial loyalists calling themselves the First Order has arisen to challenge the Republic. Led by Supreme Leader Snoke, the members of the First Order hold true to the ideals and power structure of the Galactic Empire.

Republic leader Leia Organa-Solo assembles a specialized military branch to counter the First Order’s efforts. Gathering Rebel veterans from the first Galactic Civil War and new soldiers committed to the cause, General Organa-Solo forms the Resistance and goes to war with The First Order.

The battle between the two guerrilla factions has been bitter and longer than expected. Luke Skywalker, hero of the first Galactic War and last of the Jedi Order, is missing and the Resistance is losing ground to the burgeoning First Order. With a new Death Star completed, the First Order stands poised to dismantle the Resistance and the Republic and reinstate the Galactic Empire over the Galaxy…

Where is Luke?!

This has been a major question since the first trailer: Where is Luke Skywalker?!? I believe he is in self-imposed exile. Following the example of his two mentors, Obi-Wan and Yoda, Luke has sentenced himself to a life of meditation and solitude. However, he did not come to this decision easily.

After the Battle of Endor, Luke tried to learn as much as he could about the Jedi and their ways. He even stuck around to help form the New Republic. However, untrained and relatively unlearned in the ways of the Force, a sense of inadequacy followed Skywalker. Coupled with his sense of helplessness at not being able to save his father from the Emperor and ultimately death, doubt has begun to creep into the last Jedi’s mind.

Then, comes the happy news – Leia and Han are having twins. When they are old enough, both twins exhibit a strong connection to the Force. Luke agrees to train both of them in what he knows. Both twins excel at their training, but Luke favors his nephew. The boy becomes obsessed with the legacy of his grandfather, Darth Vader, and begins collecting memorabilia of the late Sith Lord and even practicing the Dark Side of the Force to achieve greater power. Luke’s love for the boy blinds him to this and by the time he senses it, it is too late. The boy has fallen to the Dark Side.

After a heated exchange, Luke banishes his nephew. The boy flees and finds himself a new master in Supreme Leader Snoke, leader of the First Order and a force-sensitive being as well. The girl, disillusioned in her uncle, the Jedi, and the Resistance, and fearing the vindictive rage of her brother, flees to Jakku, to live the obscure life of a scavenger. Luke blames himself and goes into hiding on the planet Mustafar along with R2-D2.


So, as you may have already guessed, I am predicting that Kylo Ren and Rey are the twin children of Han and Leia. There are some theories that Luke is Kylo Ren, but that seems ridiculous. We see Luke and R2 in one of the trailers (on a volcanic planet that I can only assume is Mustafar). We also know that Kylo uses a different lightsaber than Luke. When Anakin became Darth Vader, his lightsaber kept the same design and shape; the only change was the color of the blade. Kylo’s blade is also sloppy, spastic. It sparks much more than a normal lightsaber should. Luke knows how to make a lightsaber, he has done so before. Why would his Sith lightsaber be imperfect?


We know from previous information that Kylo is a “self-made Sith.” I predict that Kylo was banished from Luke’s training before they could make a lightsaber. So, Kylo used what knowledge he had to make his own lightsaber – albeit a sloppy one.

The Setup

The question “Where is Luke?” is not just a question on social media, but it will be a main point of focus of the film. Luke is the hero of the Rebellion. His nephew is leading the charge to destroy the Resistance. The heroes have to find Luke and bring him out of his exile to save the Galaxy (or at least train Rey and Finn to use the Force).

download (1)

Another major theme will be Kylo’s pursuit to emulate his grandfather. It is apparent that Kylo wants to be just like Granddaddy Vader, from having his tarnished helmet on display to creating an iconic look for himself based off of Vader’s dark clad, environment suit. As much as he is focused on destroying the Resistance, he is obsessed with finding out more about Vader. One piece of memorabilia that Kylo does not have is Anakin’s lightsaber and last we saw of the relic, it was hurdling down into the depths of a Cloud City reactor. However, as we can see in the trailers, it will resurface in the film.

In one of the trailers, we see an alien hand placing Anakin’s lightsaber into the hands of a young child. I predict that this is a shot of Luke (or rather, an ally of Luke) giving young Kylo his grandfather’s lightsaber, after having spent some resources to dig it out of Cloud City’s exhaust ports (Lando runs Cloud City and he’s a staunch ally of the Republic, so why couldn’t he do a favor for Luke?). Of course, after Kylo was banished from Luke’s training, he lost possession of Anakin’s lightsaber. Presumably, this lightsaber ended up in the possession of Rey.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm 2015

Kylo wants that saber something fierce. Even to the point of crossing Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order to get it. His main goal is finding Rey and taking Anakin’s lightsaber from her one way or the other. Only problem is, Rey no longer has the lightsaber. Rey sold the lightsaber to an eccentric alien collector named Maz Kanata in exchange for a one-way trip to Jakku.

The Plot

Now that the setting has been laid, let’s get to how the story of The Force Awakens will unfold. The beginning of the film opens up in the iconic Star Wars way (from underneath an Imperial Star Destroyer) although with a slight twist, this Imperial Star Destroyer is ruined and half-buried in the desert. Then, we see Rey scavenging around in the shell of the downed Imperial Star Destroyer for sellable scrap, even though it has been picked over many times before. She sells the scrap and buys a lovable astromech droid called BB-8 (which reminds her of a fonder time spent with her uncle’s astromech droid R2-D2). We see further glimpses into Rey’s somewhat pathetic life as she labors endlessly on converting some junk and watches as a junk hauler lifting off planet. She gives a bittersweet smile, longing for a life of freedom, but afraid of the threat her powerful brother represents.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.03.20 PM

Smash cut to Finn, who lives a life as a stormtrooper of the First Order. Finn is unsettled by the violence and it comes to a head after he witnesses an example of the Death Star’s power. Finn is among a group of stormtroopers that capture a spy of the Resistance named Poe Dameron. Finn witnesses first hand, Kylo Ren torturing the pilot for information on the Resistance’s hidden base. Finn can finally stand no more and steals a TIE Fighter to escape. After going AWOL, his fighter is shot down and Finn crash lands on Jakku and meanders to the nearest settlement.

Not far behind him, however, a group of stormtroopers are sent to eliminate their former comrade. They follow him to the small settlement and a firefight breaks out. Finn finds himself rescued by Rey and the two become allies. The stormtroopers report back to the Imperial Cruiser above Jakku and word reaches Kylo Ren, who immediately recognizes the girl in the description as his long-lost sister, Rey. Kylo, Captain Phasma, and the other Knights of Ren land on Jakku to bring the rogue Finn back.


Knowing her cover is blown, Rey calls up an old contact to get them out of Jakku fast. Kylo arrives with Captain Phasma and starts setting fire to Jakku in search of Kylo’s sister. Just in time, Rey’s contact arrives and reveals himself as Rey’s father, the lovable scoundrel, Han Solo.

In the trailers and featurettes, we see Rey is unnaturally at home in the Millenium Falcon, telling Finn how to operate equipment and when to brace himself. She probably spent some time aboard her father’s hunk of space junk before she went into hiding. At this time, we should see that Rey is the favorite child of Han, and Kylo is the favored child of Leia.

After narrowly escaping Kylo and the First Order, we discover that Han and Leia are separated. Perhaps, Leia’s commitment to The Resistance left no place for Han and after the disaster with Luke and their children, the two could not handle the pain of being together. Maybe, Leia and Han disagreed on where the blame lay as far as Luke’s failure went. Leia is very goal-oriented and Han is relationship-oriented. It wouldn’t be outlandish to assume Leia committed herself to her work and duty, and Han took his friend’s side and defended Luke from Leia’s accusations.


Finn has information on the new Death Star that is vital to The Resistance. So, Han flies to The Resistance’s hidden base to warn his allies. Meanwhile, Kylo has finished his interrogation of Poe. The First Order has learned where the Resistance’s base is. Using the Dark Side of the Force, Kylo brainwashes Poe and sends him back to the base to act as an Imperial sleeper agent. The First Order gathers their forces for a full-out assault of the hidden Resistance base.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.09.20 PMMeanwhile, on the Resistance’s home planet, Han, Leia, and Rey have a tearful reunion. Finn gives the Resistance the information on the Death Star. Poe returns, with no memory of Kylo or his torture, or maybe he even returns as an Imperial sleeper agent, waiting to lower the defensive shield to allow the Imperial forces in. Finn, recognizes Poe as the Resistance hostage that he himself captured. At this point, he either develops a distrust of Poe (realizing he may be a sleeper agent) or feels guilt in becoming friends with someone that he helped torture. (Thus the strange look shared between the two in the image above.)

Using some underworld connections, Han digs up the location of Maz Kanata. Han, Rey, and Finn visit Maz Kanata and buy Anakin’s lightsaber back back. However, Rey refuses to wield the lightsaber or have anything to do with the Jedi, so Finn takes the lightsaber.


Just then, the Imperial Forces arrive. An aerial firefight breaks out over the Resistance base as soldiers storm the base on foot. The Resistance barely manages to stave off the attack, and then the Death Star arrives. The Resistance launches an offensive on the battle station, desperate to destroy it before the planet is destroyed by the Death Star’s powerful weapon.

A small force lands on the Death Star’s frigid forest base and Kylo intercepts them. During the battle, Kylo gains the upper-hand on the untrained Finn and his sister. Just then, Hand and Chewbacce intervene to save Rey and Finn. During the process, Chewbacca dies to Kylo’s blade.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.17.31 PM

This body has to be Chewbacca. You can see the brown fur and the iconic ammo belt. (Yes. I will cry like a baby if this prediction comes true.)

The Death Star’s defenses prove to be too much and the Resistance must flee. As they flee, the Death Star powers up and decimates the planet.

Just then, we see a shrouded figure with a familiar astromech droid on a volcanic planet. The figure hears a millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, only to be suddenly silenced. Fearing something awful has happened, Luke places a hand on R2 and lifts himself up. He must find the Resistance and stop the First Order.

Broken and running, the Resistance flees from the First Order and the Death Star. It is tearful and dreadful. Then, we cut to the inside of the Death Star as a triumphant Snoke, Phasma, and Kylo look out a viewport at the fleeing Resistance forces (in a dark parody of the typical ending of Star Wars films.)


Credits roll.

This Prediction Probably Won’t Come True

So, I realize that my prediction will probably not be correct. However, I am excited to see how close my predictions are. If nothing else, it was fun to theorize.

Many people find Lucasfilm’s obsession with secrecy annoying, but I really enjoy it. I want to be completely blown away and surprised by the new Star Wars film. I have no doubt that I will be.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Thrawn is probably the coolest character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I am holding out hope that Thrawn will appear in the new movies. He just has to! If he is introduced in this film, I predict that it will be at the very end. Maybe Snoke is joined aboard the Death Star at the final moments of the film by Thrawn as he arrives to see the Resistance broken and running. Maybe Snoke himself IS Thrawn. Either way, I’ll lose my mind when and if he comes on-screen (or is he is even mentioned, really).


So, what do you think? How excited are you for The Force Awakens? Does my prediction sound plausible? How do you predict Episode VII to go? Let me know in the comments below! And stay tuned for a review of The Force Awakens as soon as I see it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Predicting the Plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  1. Dude! Absolutely fantastic blog post! Loved reading this. So very excited about TFA!!

    I do have a few possible rebuttals/points of discussion I’d like to throw your way though!

    First off, I do not believe that Luke is on Mustafar. The reason I think this is because Mustafar has been the scene of too much evil for Luke to want to set up camp there. It’s most probably saturated with the Dark Side. Not only was it essentially where Vader completed his transformation, but during The Clone Wars and even before ANH Palpatine was stealing Force-sensitive children and taking them there. Now what he did with them isn’t really known. But it couldn’t have been anything good. I think you’re dead on with Kylo being his nephew and trying to train him, though. I think he’s in exile, but we know that his scenes were filmed on a rocky island in Ireland. Perhaps he’s holed up in an ancient Jedi Temple?

    Secondly, that shot of Luke’s saber from the second teaser is actually Maz Kanata handing Leia Luke’s saber! It’s been hinted that Maz is Force-sensitive. (“The Force, it’s calling to you! Just let it in!”) We do know from some interviews with JJ Abrams that she is over a thousand years old, she probably crossed paths with Yoad and she was Han Solo’s mentor. She’s a pirate and she has a castle where all criminals/pirates/smugglers who are seeking refuge are welcome. Why does Han take Rey and Finn there? No clue. But I’m deducing that SHE has the saber and has been holding on to it for a long time.

    Lastly, I think that that is Finn who Rey is crying over. In a photo that was released a few weeks ago, it shows the well known scene of Kylo facing off with Finn in the snowy forest (which is on the snowy planet that makes up Starkiller Base aka the new Death Star thing that apparently can wipe out entire star systems) but Rey is there with Finn. My guess is that Kylo makes quick work of Finn, injuring him definitely not killing him and then Rey picks up the saber and either beats Kylo (again, he’s not gonna die) or Kylo just flees. And then I think that’s when she starts weeping over Finn. There’s a great picture online detailing that shot and pointing out that that is in fact Finn. That furry stuff is bushes or trees in the background.

    ANYWAY. Man, I’m just excited to see the movie. I think you’re mostly dead on with your predictions. It’s what I’ve also been thinking for a long time.


    • Thanks, Barry.

      Interesting facts. I didn’t know a lot of that. It makes sense that Mustafar is just pulsating with the Dark Side, however, I don’t think that would keep Luke from setting up camp there. He may be using the Dark Side’s presence to hide himself from those who may be looking for him. Yoda did the same thing on Dagobah when he decided to live next to the Dark Side Cave. He may also be on Mustafar trying to connect with his father, trying to find out what drove his father to the Dark Side. That last part seems like a stretch.

      The scene with Luke and R2 seemed set in a volcanic setting. Using prior knowledge, it has to be Mustafar or Sullust. Sullust seems an odd choice since it was a Rebel stronghold during the Civil War. However, Sullust is one of the main featured maps in the new Battlefront game, so maybe….

      That hand looks really little for it to be Leia’s hand… But maybe it is. Maybe Leia got in contact with Maz Kanata and she offered Leia her father’s lightsaber and a chance to wield the Force, but Leia is too wrapped up in leading the Resistance to pursue the training of a Jedi. Then, after Han, Rey, and Finn hear of that, they rush off to get the saber from Maz.

      I am really interested in the character of Maz Kanata. It would be very exciting if Maz was the same species as Yoda, furthering the population out past Yoda and “Yaddle.” It would also be fascinating to see a Force-ambiguous figure, especially one from Yoda’s species.

      I like your idea of the climatic fight between Finn and Kylo and then between Kylo and Rey. That would be a nice piece of character development for both characters. It would set up Finn’s motivation for the subsequent films. That motivation being that Finn has to train himself to best Kylo next time. Rey stepping up and taking up Anakin’s lightsaber to fight Kylo would be very climatic and would symbolize her finally stepping into her legacy as a Jedi.

      I really cannot wait for this weekend.


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