6 New Heroes and Villains For Future Star Wars Battlefront DLC

Of all the games to be released in the 2015 winter quarter, I was probably the most excited for the release of Star Wars Battlefront. I very much enjoy the game, but there is certainly room for improvement: namely increasing the number of playable heroes and villains in the game. 

Star Wars Battlefront is not a perfect game – it is a very fun shooter, but it is in no way perfect. I see two main problems in Battlefront:

The first being that you are paying $60 for a basically unfinished game and have to pay $50 more to play the rest of the game. And DICE has yet to even announce what you are spending this $50 on, by the way.

The second biggest problem with Battlefront is that there are only six playable heroes (technically, 3 heroes and 3 villains, but heroism is a matter of perspective, no?). Finding the randomly generated power-up that allows you play as the hero is probably the most thrilling aspect of Battlefront. Deflecting blaster bolts at your opponent or unleashing a tirade of Force Lightning is exciting and makes you feel invincible, until you have an AT-AT step on you that is. But we need more! The previous Battlefront games had playable heroes for days and that is certainly something this game needs: a wider selection of heroes.

So, today, I will put forth 3 new heroes and 3 new villains that Battlefront should make available in future DLC.

The Force Awakens

It has already been said that Battlefront will not pull any inspiration from the prequel movies, so no Aayla Secura or Jango Fett, presumably (if DICE keeps their word). However, it is conspicuous (and most likely intentional) that DICE said nothing about the Episodes VII – IX.

DICE will most likely release a DLC package featuring maps and characters from The Force Awakens.  In fact, I predict it will be their first DLC package, set to be promptly released after The Force Awakens at the beginning of 2016. If that happens, Rey and Finn will probably be released as heroes, while Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma will be villains.

Since this will most likely happen, I won’t feature these characters in this post. Instead, this post will serve as my wishlist of characters I’d like to see in Battlefront.

3 New Heroes

As it stands, Luke, Han, and Leia are the only playable heroes in Battlefront; one lightsaber-wielder, and two gun-toters. I’d like to add three more heroes to that list.


Up first is Chewbacca. Chewbacca is the obvious first choice for a DLC hero. His weapon is already programmed into the game and, oddly enough, wookies are the one alien race not included in the selection of skins/costumes that you cannot purchase with in-game credits. (I mean, you can be an Ishi Tib. Who even heard of that race before this game came out?! I’ll admit that I hadn’t.) Chewbacca, his weapon, and his iconic yell are some of the most recognizable parts of the Star Wars genre. DICE would be fools not to capitalize on Chewbacca’s popularity (which was already substantial before his inclusion in the new movie and his new comic book).

In-game, Chewbacca’s primary weapon would, of course, be his bowcaster. Sure, it’s a powerful weapon normally only usable as a Star Card unlockeable after achieving Rank 32, but Han Solo’s DL-44 is only unlockable as a primary weapon after Rank 25. (And just so it is known, I hate that the DL-44 is a primary weapon for non-heroic characters. It is SO overpowered.) As for the rest of his powerset, Chewbacca’s right trigger weapon could be a melee attack. It would be akin to Han Solo’s charge, but with a bit more power. Wookies are super strong, after all. His left-trigger weapon would be a landmine. Chewbacca is a bit of techie, so it would make sense for him to litter the battlfield with numerous mines (it would also be super frustrating for the enemy). And finally, his middle power (triangle button if you play on the PS4, like me) would be a momentary shield, akin to the Personal Shield Star Card, but it would represent Chewbacca’s natural hardiness rather than some sort of force field.

With the ability to get up in your face and booby trap the playing field, I think my version of Chewbacca would become a player favorite very quickly and an dreadful threat to the Empire even sooner than that.


Ben Kenobi may not seem like the obvious choice for a Battlefront hero, but I believe he could present some interesting tactics and gameplay opportunities. Now, remember, DICE has said that they will not be pulling from the prequel films. So, this Kenobi will not be the agile Jedi warrior that fought on a volcanic precipice in Episode III, but instead he will be the veteran sage we met in Episode IV. This iteration of Kenobi substituted his lightsaber skills with masterful misdirection. As such, Kenobi will play as a stealth-based character.

Kenobi’s basic attack would be his lightsaber. However, Old Ben’s lightsaber skills are not quite what they once were. As such, Ben would be as slow as Vader’s but not quite as powerful. Ben’s right trigger ability would be the most fun. It would be a misdirection technique, where Ben creates an illusory double that runs in a random direction from where the ability was cast. As enemies are focused on the illusory double, Ben himself turns invisible for a few seconds. This could be used to help him escape or get the drop on his enemies. (Of course, this ability is only a mechanical way to represent Ben’s ability to deceive the mind and show people who isn’t really there. Ben doesn’t really turn invisible, but he makes his opponent’s mind think he did.) Ben’s left trigger attack would be a dash akin to the Emperor’s. Ben’s middle ability would be another form of misdirection. It would blind people within a small area around him, much like a Stun Grenade.

Running into a crowd of enemies would be suicide as Ben Kenobi, but his misdirection and dashes make him a true threat in the hands of intelligent players.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars had its flaws and wasn’t too great of a show, but one of my favorite elements from the show was Ahsoka Tano. I thought her expulsion from the Jedi Order was especially poignant even though I was sad to see my favorite character leave the show. So, you can imagine my joy when I found out Ahsoka was still alive after Order 66 and was a founding member of the Rebel Alliance.

As a character in Battlefront, Ahsoka would dual-wield her two lightsabers. Ahsoka’s right-trigger attack would be a Lightsaber Throw, her left-trigger attack would be a Force Push, and her middle ability would be a Power Attack. Her abilities are kind of a combination of Vader and Luke, but her speed and attacks with dual-wielding lightsabers would be unlike both.

Poor Leia is the only female in Battlefront. Adding Ahsoka to the game would diversify the cast. Plus, Ahsoka is just awesome and sassy.

3 New Villains

And now for the villains. The Imperial Forces are bolstered by the likes of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Emperor himself, but let’s add three new villainous foes to their small roster.


Say what you want about Episodes I – III, but one thing they got right was Darth Maul. Of course, his apparent death in Episode I was way too early, but whatever. He was cool while he existed! From his super-acrobatic fighting style, to his menacing snarls, to his simply, awesome facepaint, Darth Maul was a badass. And if you watched the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, you know that Darth Maul did, in fact, not die when Obi-Wan Kenobi sliced him in half. (Because apparently, replacing half your body with cybernetic implants fixes all of that.) Last we saw of Maul, however, he was being Force Lighteninged by Darth Sidious who menacingly mentioned that he “had plans for Maul.” In now retconned appearances, Maul went on to fight free of Darth Sidious and still managed to ride off into the sunset. To imagine him still venturing around the Galaxy, being a phantom menace during the Episodes IV – VI era has me all excited.

Maybe it doesn’t make perfect sense for Maul to be on the side of the Empire, but who cares? The iffy timeline of when Battlefront happens is an excuse enough to allow Maul to appear in the game. Maul’s primary weapon would be his iconic double-bladed lightsaber. When playing as Luke, the player feels so acrobatic and agile when compared to Vader’s slow, yet powerful lightsaber strikes. But Maul would put poor Luke’s lightsaber skills and speed to shame with his acrobatic flips and slashes. Maul’s right trigger attack would be a Saber Rush much like Luke’s ability of the same name, but I imagine there would be a lot more flipping. Maul’s left-trigger would be a Force Pull. Instead of forcefully pushing people to their death, Maul would pull opponent’s sitting out of lightsaber’s reach closer to him where they would soon meet their end. And his middle power would be the typical Heavy Strike ability, but, again, with flips.

Already a fan-favorite baddie, Maul’s acrobatic fighting style would be sure to terrify any Rebel soldiers going up against him and they better be sure to be far out of reach of his Force Pull if they decide to open fire on this Sith.


Like many characters that got very little screen time in Star Wars, Aurra Sing snared the imagination of fans and was then included in different Star Wars titles. Aurra made recurring appearances in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and was one of the main playable characters in Star Wars: Demolitions (a ruefully under-appreciated game). In Battlefront, Aurra would join the ranks of the Empire-hired bounty hunters. Her kit would make her a deadly ranged assassin.

Aurra’s basic attack would be a blaster pistol, but activating her middle ability would cause Aurra to pull out a second blaster to dual-wield for a few seconds, greatly increasing her power and firing speed. Aurra’s right-trigger ability would be her iconic sniper rifle. It would be more powerful and on a lesser cooldown than the Cycler Rifle. Aurra’s left-trigger ability would spawn a small droid scout that would scan the area for enemies, allowing Aurra to set up a secure sniper position. Unlike the Prode Droid power-up, however, Aurra’s droid would not fire on opponents and a single shot would destroy it.

Aurra would be deadly from long range. One of the biggest disappointments of playing a hero is getting stuck in an area with a lot of enemies and getting quickly whittled down. The benefit of playing with Aurra is you can take out enemies from far away without being targeted yourself.


Even though she is a new character who has only appeared in the new Lando comic series from Marvel Comics, I foresee Chanath Cha really taking off as a developing character. To be truthful, I liked Cha even before she was revealed to be a woman. She has a very Samus Aran-vibe going. She’s cold, ruthless, and efficient. She’s a competent bounty hunter and the person the Emperor calls when he wants a job down quickly and efficiently. Some may see her as a genderbent Boba Fett, but she is quick different. While she uses the typical equipment of a bounty hunter (blasters, rocket launchers, jet packs), she also engages her quarry in unarmed combat; meaning that Chanath Cha is not a woman to be trifled with, whether she has a blaster or not.

Chanath’s basic attack would be a semi-automatic blaster pistol that shoots out rapid bursts of fire. Activating Cha’s middle ability would cause her to holster her pistol and put up her dukes. While this ability is active, Cha would have a momentary shield to allow her to ignore blaster fire as she closed in on her victims. Cha’s right-trigger ability would be a wrist-mounted rocket launcher. Cha’s left-trigger ability would be her rocket boots, propelling her through the air.

With the ability to be a threat both afar and up close, Chanath Cha is sure to set those Rebels running when she appears on the battlefront.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few characters that did not appear in my wishlist that may surprise people. Namely, Yoda. My reason for not including Yoda in my Battlefront Hero Wishlist, is that by the time of Episodes IV – VI, Yoda was far too old and frail to fight anymore. Also, I am very against Yoda being a warrior. When we were first introduced to Yoda in Episode V, his main ideology was not judging something by its size or physical strength. The Force was his ally. So, when Yoda picked up a lightsaber in Episode II, 12-year old me was ecstatic, but looking back on it, it was totally out-of-character for Yoda. Yoda-less, Battlefront should remain, in my opinion.

Another hero of the Rebellion that didn’t make the cut was Wedge Antilles. Wedge is certainly a fan-favorite, but he is more an aerial ace than a ground troop. Maybe DICE should make him and his X-Wing playable in Fighter Squadron?

As for the Empire, Grand Moff Tarkin comes to mind as a powerful Imperial figure, however, he is not a combatant. So, he simply wouldn’t work in Battlefront. Similarly, Admiral Thrawn is a key figure in the Empire, even if his story has been retconned….

There you have it – my wishlist for heroes and villains in Battlefront. Would you substitute any of the above heroes? Would you not include my picks? Let me know in the comments below!


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