Making Time To Write

Finding time to write is one of the hardest challenges that I face as a writer. Between working during the day and all the other chores and activities you have to do when you come home from work, when do you find time to write? 

Life has been hectic for me since the Fall.

My wife and I bought a new house.

We bought a pair of sugar gliders to keep us company in our new house.

I’ve started a second job as a youth minister at a local church.

It’s been busy! And in all the business, I have not found time for myself to write.

I’ve read more than a few books on getting published and living the life of a writer and related materials, and in every book or blog post one thing is constant: WRITE! WRITE! WRITE!

Only problem is, I don’t always have time to WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! (I barely have time to “wr.”)

I understand the sentiment behind writing every day and if you have the ability to work that time into your schedule everyday, then DO IT! However, some people (like me) are going from the time they wake up until the time they lay down. So, when do people that have commitments find time to write?

Yesterday, it was a beautiful day outside and I finally had a Saturday where I didn’t have to be somewhere or do something or fix some shipping issue with appliances for our new house. So, I took my laptop outside, sat on our porch, and wrote.

It felt good. (Even if I did get a little sunburned.)

But this is the exception more often than the rule for me. When I come home from work, I have barely enough energy to form coherent thoughts (the cost of being an introvert in the very extroverted setting of public school). So, most times I’ll veg out with a game or a TV show or just cuddle with my new glider buddies.

But when I did that, I felt guilty. I felt like I wasn’t a writer anymore because I wasn’t writing.

Let me say this, if any one feels that way out there; this feeling of “I’m not a writer anymore because I simply don’t have time to write”, throw that idea out of your head. If you are a writer, you know you are a writer. You have an itch in the back of your head for a creative story, or you see something happen and your mind starts putting it to beautifully-worded prose, or you can’t wait to feel your fingers pounding on those keys on your laptop.

As I said before, if you have the opportunity to write everyday, count it as a blessing and do it. Practice makes perfect.

But if you are busy, cherish those times where you have down time to write. Seize those times and use them wisely. And never give up on your dream of writing.

That’s all for today.

Keep writing, folks.

PS – A few pictures of our sugar babies. These animals are precious and I have seen them popping up in vendors everywhere from county fairs to mall booths. HOWEVER, TAKE CAREFUL CONSIDERATION BEFORE BUYING THESE PETS. They require attention and love and lots of specialized care. DO NOT BUY THESE PETS ON IMPULSE and do not buy them from a “breeder” who is not USDA-approved. Be a smart consumer, people.

Chow time!

Chow time!

Momo enjoying a treat.

Momo enjoying a treat.


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