Movie Review: Deadpool (2016)

Sorry this review is so late! Or am I? Just like the Deadpool movie, this review was too long in coming to public viewing.


Deadpool is the ultimate example of what a large fanbase can accomplish through campaigning, griping, and generally forcing a studio to make the movie they want to happen happen. (Of course, it didn’t hurt that Ryan Reynolds was one of the fans who was pushing to make the Deadpool happen either, but that’s besides the point.) Firefly fans are surely jealous.

But how did the Merc With The Mouth’s cinematic debut stack up with other heroes? Let’s take a look.

The Kids

I know I usually save this section for the end, but I want to take a minute to focus on it first. Because this is my biggest problem with this movie (or rather, with people that go to see this movie).

Is Deadpool appropriate for kids?


381cf1d6f7ccbd639428e3dcd8829d32c38aeea4e65bb6f699ff06cd6f782b73_1I saw far too many underage kids in the theater to see Deadpool with their parents or older siblings and it made my stomach turn. THIS IS NOT A MOVIE FOR KIDS!!! DEADPOOL IS NOT A HERO FOR KIDS!!!! Just because he wears super hero tights and he’s from Marvel and your son’s best friend Jimmy says he reads his dad’s Deadpool comics all the time, DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD ALLOW YOUR KID TO SEE IT!

There are a few very blatant sex scenes which made even my wife and I uncomfortable. I could only imagine how those scenes were for an easily-stimulated 13-year old boy.

Not to mention all the curse words. You probably didn’t know there were so many creative applications for the “f-word” and your child definitely do not need to know.

deadpoolMy brother-in-law contacted me and asked if his wife and he should take their 16-year old daughter to see this movie. I warned him that there would be lots of cussing, lewd humor, and some sexual references (as is to be expected from Deadpool), but I did not expect such explicit sexual content. They decided to go see the movie without their kid and they contacted me after to say how happy they were that they did not take her.

I mean, is it really that difficult to realize that maybe you shouldn’t take your underage child to a R-rated movie? It’s obviously rated R for a reason!!

It really baffles me how parents will just let their children indulge in whatever they want to even if it isn’t good or wholesome for them. From video games, to movies, to… anything really!

Now, I’m getting a little preachy, but honestly, don’t take your child to see Deadpool unless they are 18 years or older.

Heroes Have Never Been Funnier

Before Deadpool, the reigning super hero movie in the realm of comedy was Guardians of the Galaxy. From Drax to Rocket to Chriss Pratt’s 80’s references, GotG was hilarious. Suffice it to say that Deadpool was even more… hilariouser!

tumblr_nmmfx1BGW01qc2k4vo1_250From the very beginning of the movie, Deadpool had me rolling in the cinema aisle. Deadpool has always been funny and this movie does not disappoint with bringing the Merc With A Mouth’s humor to the big screen.

I would have preferred to see more of Deadpool’s tropes from the comics follow him to his movie, namely the yellow boxes where he talks to himself or just how insane he really is. This version of Deadpool was a bit more sane than normal.

Easter Eggs For Days

As you could expect from a movie about Deadpool, the movie has a ton of inside jokes. Deadpool has always been a self-referential character. In comic book lore, he knows he is in a comic book and often breaks the “fourth wall” (the invisible wall that goes back to Shakespearean theater where the actor would speak to the audience). As such, Deadpool often speaks to the viewers during his movie.

Aside from being self-referential, Deadpool also contains tons of pop culture references and riffs on other heroes. There are more than one Green Lantern movie reference (which Ryan Reynolds starred in and was subsequently heralded as one of the worst movies ever). Deadpool also references Ryan Reynold’s disastrous “Deadpool” character from Wolverine Origins, more commonly known as Barakapooland of course, it wouldn’t be Deadpool without a little warm-natured ribbing of his Weapon X rival, Wolverine (and the actor that plays him, Hugh Jackman). Not to mention the references to other non-heroic movies, such as 127 Hours and Star Wars.


Seriously. It was just the worst.


Before I even saw this movie, I was stoked to see a legit, honest-to-God, Russian Colossus. I was very disappointed with the American Colossus in X-Men 3: The Last Stand. This Colossus did not disappoint. He was big, he was strong, he was a goody-two-shoes, and (most importantly of all) he was Russian.

Going along with the hilariousness of the movie, the initial interaction between Deadpool and Colossus had me rolling.


He may be only one character, but Colossus made this movie for me. (Also, the brief Marrow cameo was really cool, too.)

The Story… Could Use Some Work

As funny as Deadpool was and as cool as its action scenes were, the movie’s plot could have used some work. For all its unique qualities and characters, the movie’s plot basically boils down to a revenge/love story. Deadpool’s motivation throughout the movie is taking vengeance on a dude named Francis who did experiments on him and really messed him up. However, halfway through the movie, the movie turns into a “save the damsel in distress” film.

The plot is uninspired. I would have liked to have seen a plot that engaged the character of Deadpool a little further. And because of such a simple plot, we don’t get to see Deadpool grow as a character. He’s a funny man with powers and an ambivalent attitude toward virtue and heroism. This doesn’t change from the beginning of the movie to the end. Of course, Deadpool isn’t a hero, so I think his ambivalent attitude was a good choice, but there is no growth in his understanding of the world or of himself. Everything kind of magically resolves at the end as he kisses the girl and kills the bad guy.

The Acting

downloadRyan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. He’s quick with a quip, he’s charming, and he’s all around hilarious. However, aside from Reynold’s performance, there were really no other standout performances. The villains were one-dimensional and Deadpool’s love interest was sassy and sexy, but… that was the extent of her character.

(I would say the person that acted Colossus did a stellar job, but I don’t know who really to laud. There was so much CGI, body acting, and voice acting that went into him, I don’t know who was the real genius behind Deadpool’s Colossus.)

The Music

Deadpool’s original soundtrack isn’t anything to write home about. However, the director and sound editor includes popular music in the movie. The music is well-chosen and fits in great with the rest of the movie.

The Grade

Deadpool is a movie that broke records for an R-rated film and may have just paved the way for future R-rated super hero films.  Even though it was hilarious and action packed, a lack of a great supporting cast or an inspired plot leaves much to be desired.

I give Deadpool a grade of…


There’s my review of (arguably) the most anticipated super hero film of 2016. Do you agree with my review? Would you give it a higher rating? Let me know in the comments below what you think!

PS – Yes. There is a brief after-credit scene teasing the next Deadpool movie. It’s presented in typical Deadpool fashion and is worth it despite how short it is.


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