Guardians of the Galaxy Characters In Edge Of The Empire

I’m a big fan of The Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game.

I’m also a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy.

So you better believe I gave the crew of the Milano the EotE makeover!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.40.52 PM

If you haven’t played it yet, The Edge of the Empire is a roleplaying game set in the Star Wars universe. The system focuses more on the scum and villainy side of the galaxy as opposed to the typical Rebel vs Empire conflict we get to see in the movies. It’s a very fun system that encourages great story-telling opportunities from both sides of the table, plus it’s set in Star Wars. I highly recommend you play it if pen-and-paper games are your thing. And if they aren’t, make them.

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favorite Marvel movies and rather than following typical, earthbound, and valiant superheroes, GotG follows a ragtag bunch of criminals in space. The characters from Guardians fit extremely well into Edge of the Empire.

So, maybe you’re a player interested in playing Star-Lord or Rocket or Gamora at your table next game night. Or you’re a GameMaster looking to add an eccentric group of outlaws to a random Cantina for your players to interact with. Either way, this post is for you!

Converting the Guardians

Basically, everyone but Star-Lord is a strange species that doesn’t have an equivalent in Star Wars. I took liberties with the species while keeping them as close to the species they were in the movie. Each character represents a first-level character. As characters gain XP, players can spend XP wherever they want, but in order to fully capture the essence of the character, I’d say to spend XP on their strong suits. Each character’s Motivation and Obligation is left quite general, leaving room for player and GM interpretation and implementation. I’ll talk more specifically about each character’s Motivation and Obligation in their section.



In the movie, Drax is played by Dave Bautista. He’s a big, green guy with tattoos who has a love for fighting and wants to kill Ronan the Accuser.

In EotE, Drax is a mirialan with the hired gun career and marauder specialization. I chose mirialan because they are a species with a stoic warrior mentality and plus they are green with tattoos everywhere. Hired guns are hardy and marauders excel at melee combat, just like Drax.

A mirialan

A mirialan

Drax is strong with a Brawn rating of 4. He employs two vibroknives. The rule for two-weapon combat can be found on page 218 in the Core Rulebook. Drax’s Obligation and Motivation represent his quest to avenge his family. In the movie, Ronan the Accuser killed Drax’s family. You can have Drax’s target be a nemesis in your story. Maybe it was an Imperial agent or a bounty hunter employed by the Hutts? It’s all up to you.

Check out Drax’s character sheet here:

Drax 1

Drax 2



In the movie, Gamora is the daughter of Thanos and henchman of Ronan the Accuser. She specifically wants to steal the Infinity Stone from Star-Lord and get it to the enigmatic Collector.

In EotE, Gamora is a chiss with the bounty hunter career and assassin specialization. Chiss are a focused and diligent species. Gamora isn’t necessarily a bounty hunter, but the skills granted by her career and specialization match up to well with the character.

A chiss

A chiss

Gamora excels at stealth and wields a vibrosword (a really powerful melee weapon). While she has the potential to be deadly with ranged weapons as well, she’ll need to purchase these or pilfer them from a defeated opponent before she can use them. Gamora’s Obligation was a little difficult to work in, because of how specific it is in relation to the movie. Here, Gamora seeks to defeat a former master or employer or mentor that was involved in something terrible. Maybe Gamora’s target is the very same as Drax’s? If you’d like to divert from the plot of Guardians of the Galaxy, you could have Gamora be the former employee of some crime lord or maybe she was formerly a Hand of the Emperor. Giving Gamora a beef with Emperor Palpatine could be a very intriguing plotline for your party to follow.

Check out Gamora’s character sheet below:

Gamora 1

Gamora 2



Ah, Groot. The lovable sentient tree alien with a limited range of words, but a capability to inspire a wide range of emotions. In the movie, Groot follows Rocket around as his hired-muscle.

In EotE, Groot is a giant droid (standing over 3 meters high) with the designation GR-00T. Creating Groot was probably the hardest of the crew, because there are no plant creatures to play as in Edge of the Empire. Instead, GR-00T is a droid hired gun with the bodyguard specialization.

Not GR-00T, but it is a tall droid

Not GR-00T, but IG-88 is a tall droid

GR-00T excels at getting in close and doing some damage with his metal mitts. He has an outstanding Soak value of 6 and a wound threshold of 16, meaning he can take lots and lots of damage. He has two ranks in Melee, and while he has ranks in Gunnery and Heavy (Ranged), he probably won’t be using these skills much. (I just had extra ranks that I had to put somewhere.) Playing GR-00T should be invariably fun. His vocabulisticks regulator is broken and he can only say “I am Groot.” So, have fun roleplaying that out!

Check out GR-00T below:

Groot 1

Groot 2

Rocket Raccoon


Rocket Raccoon is a cybernetic raccoon bounty hunter that runs around with a 12-foot tall house plant, bagging bounties and getting booty (credits that is).

A drall

A drall

There are plenty of furry, small creatures in Star Wars, but I chose to go with the drall species for my version of Rocket. Drall are usually known for their intelligence and non-athletic prowess. So, having a Drall that engages in wanton violence and explosives is a bit of an interesting contradiction that you should pull on when playing Rocket. Rocket has an Intelligence rating of 4 and carries around an impossibly big DH-6 blaster rifle. The blaster has a Cumbersome rating of 3 and Rocket only has a Brawn rating of 2, meaning that Rocket gets a setback (black) dice to all attacks using the DH-6. Unfortunately, the only way you can raise Rocket’s Brawn is through Cybernetic enhancements (which ain’t cheap). I’d recommend spending some XP to increase his Ranged (Heavy) skill so this setback dice will become a moot point.

Rocket actually gets two specializations. He’s a hired gun with both the heavy and demolitionist specializations. This is to represent Rocket’s affinity for oversized weapons and his knack for blowing things up. Rocket’s Motivation was fairly easy to translate over. He’s a bounty hunter and his bounty hunting has drummed up lots of interest from other parties. No doubt, Rocket’s reputation will catch up with him and cause problems for his party.

Rocket is down below:

Rocket 1

Rocket 2



Peter Quill is the fast-talking pilot and leader of the group. He’s a fair enough pilot, but that’s not his strong suit. Peter excels in social settings, making him one of the most engaging characters to play as. In EotE, Peter Quill is a smuggler with the charmer specialization. Peter can fly and shoot, but at the end of the day he’s going to save the day by using that natural charm of his.

Cunning and Agility are Peter’s best Characteristics, with both being set at 3. His smuggler’s trenchcoat makes him surprisingly durable by giving him 1 soak and a defense of 1. So, if negotiations fail (as I’m sure they will) Peter will be able to fall back on his surprising defense until one of his more hardy teammates can save him or he can escape.

Grab Star-Lord’s character sheet from below:

Star-Lord 1

Star-Lord 2

Most impressive

Most impressive

The End

There you have it. The crew of the Milano from my table to yours. Feel free to print out those sheets and enjoy them. Let me know what you think and also let me know if you’d like to see any other pop culture characters translated into a roleplaying system. I personally play and tinker with Edge of the Empire, Pathfinder, and the now-defunct Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game.


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