When A Change of Scenery Is Needed

Sometimes, when your writing desk is feeling like a weight that is crushing your creativity beneath it, it’s a sign that you need a change of scenery.

I spent this past week at a youth camp. As with most camps, I spent most of the time outside in nature, surrounded by trees, chasing kids, and sweating in the sun.

And it was exhilarating.

I’ve started writing a new book (or rather trying to write it), but the hardest part about writing a book is getting started. Every time I’ve sat down at my desk, my ideas evaporate and that blinking black line against the white background is the scariest sight I’ll see all day.

I was making no progress and it was getting rather frustrating.

Then, I stopped writing.

Sometimes the best thing to do when writing is to stop writing. Get a change of scenery. For me, I love going outside to get my change of scenery. Most of the stories I write are fantasy with sprawling settings and outdoor vistas. So, I get inspiration from the breaths of fresh air and looking at the sway of branches in the wind.

However, not all writers need to go outside to get their change of scenery. The outdoors inspires me and gets my creativity going, but maybe that’s not for you. Maybe you’re writing a novel set in an urban setting. Go to the local, small-town coffee house. There’s one in my town that I go to sometimes to get inspiration.

Whatever the venue, whatever you’re writing, if you’re struggling to write, stop writing. Get a change in scenery. Get out and do something that will inspire you. It can be a coffeeshop, it can be outdoors, it can be an antique shop. It doesn’t matter.

Change your scenery and come back to writing when the idea excites you rather than terrifies you.

Happy writing, folks.


One thought on “When A Change of Scenery Is Needed

  1. I have tryed writing Story’s but the hardest part is starting a story or book and I get were u are coming from on how we need to change our scenery to have better ideas


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