Thoughts On 8/18/16

It’s interesting to me that in America, rather than a society that is against bullying we have a society that finds bullying acceptable as long as it is against a figure that a portion of the populace generally doesn’t like.

I am, of course, referring to today’s sudden appearance of five very unflattering statues of Donald Trump.

First of all, do not think this is a defense of Trump’s politics. Anyone who knows me in real life can testify that I do not agree with hardly any stance Trump has taken in this election season. I find mostly everything he says to be  shockingly bigoted, tightly close-minded, and genuinely ignorant.

Despite my personal feelings against Mr. Trump, I do realize that he is a human and deserves to be treated with the respect and fairness that all humans should be treated with. He has feelings (even though he consistently seems to neglect the fact that others also have feelings). Just because I disagree with him, does not give me the right to attack his personal appearance or vilify him past human recognition.

Today, five very obscene and unflattering statues popped up in cities such as Cleveland, New York City, and San Francisco. The statues featured a naked Donald Trump with understated genitalia and the caption “The Emperor has no balls.” Where some street art will draw attention to specific cultural concern or provoke thought in those who see it, I feel like the artist’s intent for these statues was “Hey, America! We all hate this guy! Let’s laugh at his expense!”

And these statues are just added to a long line of shots that have been taken at Mr. Trump’s expense. There has been a massive influx of people just tearing into Trump (most of which he has invariably brought on himself). There’s been a sudden explosion of a large population of society that says its ok to bully Trump because everyone else is doing it.

It’s very reminiscent of making fun of the guy everyone hated in High School.

It’s bullying. There’s no way around it. But we’re all ok with it because… Well, it’s Trump!

It just doesn’t sit right with me. The cyclical nature of bullying is perpetuated by one thing – or rather, the lack of one thing – compassion; someone who will say “This has to stop.”

Bullying a bully is no less bullying than when a bully bullies someone else.

Some of you may say, Trump is not deserving of compassion or decency. And I agree. He really hasn’t done much in the way of redeeming himself or being worthy of admiration.

But then again what have I done that is worthy of anyone else’s admiration? What have you done?

A quote by Martin Luther King Jr comes to my mind as I think of today’s events. “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

I look forward to a time where we have much more love in the world than hate.

Sorry to get a little political today. I promise not to do that too much (read “ever again”). Now, continue with being nerdy and awesome!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts On 8/18/16

  1. No, if you understand the First Amendment, it is not only not bullying, it is a specifically protected Constitutional right of free expression. It would not be as allowable by law if Mr. Trump was only a famous private citizen. But we all have full license to make fun of our politicians and government, even to criticize them in an obscene fashion, and ridicule them mercilessly. It is a precious right, one that makes ordinary Americans equal in power (at least in the right to dissent) to all those who wish to rule over us.

    But besides the Constitution, we can just say, “He started it.” He mocked his opponents with dismissive, insulting nicknames, mocked the behavior of a disabled journalist, and mocked the right of protesters at his rallies to dissent, even by silently standing. What goes around, comes around.


      • I respect your right to be unfailingly polite, and find it admirable. But me, I’m an old, retired guy, and I was raised to give no quarter to bullies or fascists, ever. If Trump had acted like an adult, he would deserve more respect, but he has denigrated so many kinds of Americans. He should have to suffer a negative social consequence for that, and these cartoon statues are one kind of reaction, just as our more civil discussion is another.

        Making obscene fun of Trump is to my mind far better than throwing punches or shooting at him. When he goes back to private life (I hope), he will regain his full right to privacy.


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