Why You Need To Know About City Of Mist

I first read about City of Mist in a tweet from the producer of my favorite RPG-centric podcast and I can not thank James D’Amato of One Shot Podcast fame enough for turning me on to this great, great roleplaying system.

City of Mist is an RPG currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It is a game that uses an exceedingly simple game mechanic involving 2d6 (two six-sided dice), a set of tags or skills, and lots of cooperative storytelling. I was immediately drawn to the RPG by its unique setting as a noire-style super hero game, and I soon fell in love with its fluid play style and how the simple mechanics really encouraged creativity and story.

191455I got a few friends together this past week to play one of the free adventures that the game’s creators made available on their site. Despite it being our first encounter with this system, we all caught on very quickly.  The game’s starter set, which you can download from their site, features seven pre-made heroes. Each hero has four sets of powers either linked to their Logos (which pertains to their more mundane, human side) or their Mythos (linked to the mysterious supernatural side of their character). Each power has “power tags” which represent their skills or abilities. The game is played by rolling 2d6 and adding a number of power tags that correlate to whatever the player is trying to accomplish. These power tags can range from “Authoritative” to  “Burning Primordial Nimbus Whips.” And rather than a static HP, successful attacks are recorded as “tags” which can range from “Dizzied” to “Whipped Real Good.” The severity of these tags relates to the amount of damage or otherwise inconveniences that your character has suffered.


Which such an intuitive system, we didn’t have to dredge through a list of complex spells or skills to see what we could or couldn’t do. The game flowed very quickly and the narrative became the focus (rather than just completing the objective). One player even commented that this adventure would make a great movie and with all the players focusing on moving the story along, I have to agree with them.

The night went down as one of my favorite roleplaying moments (and I’ve been playing for years) and my group of friends just can’t stop talking about that night.

City of Mist is destined to be a great RPG and I hope more and more people learn about it so they can enjoy it as my group of friends has. You can still back this amazing product on Kickstarter. It’s a done deal that this game will be published (it’s currently at 300% funded), but you can be one of the first to download the core rulebook and play this great game.


Check out City of Mist’s website at http://cityofmist.sonofoak.com/

Support the game at their Kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1105356930/city-of-mist-a-noir-rpg-of-modern-day-legends?ref=user_menu 

You can also check out tutorial videos explaining the game, the setting, and even see the creators play through a few games themselves at the City of Mist YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDnkPUnVbdKjh-kJgnDvlXA

Do yourself a favor and go check this game out. Just download the starter set and give it a shot. You won’t regret it!

Keep it nerdy, y’all!


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