City of Mist Original Character

Last night, I did some creative work and made an original character for the City of Mist RPG. 

If you haven’t checked out the City of Mist Kickstarter, you really should. City of Mist is a super-powered, noir game with a great, easy-to-learn system that encourages cooperative narrative-building and roleplaying that directly affects and awards your character. If you didn’t see my review of City of Mist from a few days ago, read it here.

One of the Kickstarter backer options is that you have the option to design your own City of Mist character and then receive three copies of the character folio printed along with the original seven pre-generated characters. Even though I don’t have $320 to spend on upping my pledge (although, I sorely wish that I did), I decided that I could still be creative and make my own character folio for my own City of Mist original character.

Of course, since I’m not skilled with Photoshop or any sort of image editing software, I made a poor man’s version of the City of Mist themebooks (character sheets) using Microsoft Word.

Check out my City of Mist original character below:



For those of you interested in making your own City of Mist themebooks, download my template here.

If you are reading this before November 24, 2016, there are still four days left to help Kickstart City of Mist. There are lots of great stretch goals to yet be unlocked and this game has a lot of great content to offer. Consider backing this great project by following the links below!

City of Mist Kickstarter page:

City of Mist Facebook page:

City of Mist website:

Keep it nerdy, y’all!


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