How Doctor Doom Stole Christmas; an adventure for Age of Marvel (Edge of the Empire Marvel hack)

With the holiday season upon us, what better way to celebrate than getting a group of friends together and stopping that vile Doctor Doom from taking over Christmas?!

Last month, I posted about an idea I had to use information from old Marvel trading cards to make an Edge of the Empire Marvel Comics Roleplaying Hack. I worked on it for the past month or so and was creating a full-fledged Secret Avengers game when the City of Mist RPG Kickstarter dropped.

I was immediately enthralled with this unique roleplaying system and I decided that the noir-style, super-hero action that the game’s mechanics inspired would fit my Secret Avengers game best. So, I set aside my plans for an Edge of the Empire Marvel hack to focus on that.

Between now and then, my post was shared on Aurican’s Lair and had miraculously found its way to the Gaming and BS Podcast. Seeing that people were genuinely interested in playing a game like this encouraged me to revisit my “Age of Marvel” idea and create a quick, easy, get-to-know-you adventure.

With the holidays coming up, I decided to revamp a fanmade Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Event written by Ryan T. Goodman from the Marvel Plot Points website (a fan site I am a contributing writer at).

This isn’t a full-fledged adventure, but rather a holiday-themed one-shot for you to run with your friends. I hope you have fun, and once I’m done with my Secret Avengers/City of Mist adventure, I plan on revisiting the Age of Marvel and making a fuller adventure for you all to enjoy.

Let me know how you and yours decide to save Christmas!

Keep it nerdy, y’all!

How Doctor Doom Stole Christmas


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