New Project Announcement: Mistconceptions Podcast

I am very excited to announce a new project that I’ve been working on and will be releasing soon!

If you’ve read my past posts, you probably know that I am infatuated with the City of Mist RPG from Son of Oak productions. I’ve already written about why I love this system, so I won’t belabor it any more, but trust me: it’s fun.

In addition to falling in love with City of Mist, this past year I have gotten into listening to Podcasts. I’m not an auditory learner by any means (definitely visual-kinesthetic), but I find myself enraptured and hanging on the words of great shows such as “Campaign Podcast” by Kat Kuhl, “The Adventure Zone” by Griffin McElroy, and “Myths and Legends” by Jason Weiser.

I’ve also been inspired by these shows to begin a podcast of my own!

Allow me to introduce “Mistconceptions,” an actual-play podcast of the City of Mist RPG. Starting next month, some friends and I will record episodes using our crisp, fresh recording equipment, featuring original characters created by the players and an original story told by your’s truly. The story will feature betrayal, investigation, and supernatural terrors. The series will be an extended campaign (continuous story) that features our heroes digging into a conspiracy that is deeply embedded within every gleaming skyscraper and each dark alleyway of the enigmatic City.


I’m very excited for this podcast to drop and I hope you are too! Our first episode will be available for download on Monday, March 6th and will be available on iTunes shortly thereafter (after Apple’s approval process is complete). If you want to be one of the first to download our first episode, subscribe to this blog or follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter (@mistconceptions).

I couldn’t talk about this project without thanking two people who have collaborated to make the quality of this show solid.

First, is Aaron Wharton, who is writing our theme music for the podcast. Please check out at his other work at Also, check out a small sampler of the theme he has created for the podcast below. Spoiler alert: It sounds awesome!

Second, is Broc Baird, the man behind the beautiful banner and thumbnail you see here. After working with him and seeing his fabulous final product, I can guarantee that you will see more of his work in the future! Check out his great artwork at

Please, share this with your social groups, especially those that love podcasts and gaming!

Keep it nerdy, y’all!


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