Check Out My Podcast!

-shameless plug asking for you to support a creative project of mine-

Hey, friends!

I posted a few weeks ago about a new project I was starting up, an actual-play podcast featuring the City of Mist RPG (I’ve talked plenty about that great roleplaying game on this blog). Well, Mistconceptions is five episodes in and we would love for you to give us a listen! With episodes that are around an hour long, Mistconceptions is perfect for listening to on long car rides or during slow days at work. Let our adventure of mystery and noir super-hero action tittilate your senses!

Even if this type of podcast isn’t your cup of tea, you may know of people who would like it! So, please, give us a listen, share us, leave us a review on iTunes, and help us out as we are just a new show starting out!

Subscribe and listen to us on iTunes or SoundCloud (whichever works better for you).

I hope you enjoy the podcast! Please, leave a review on iTunes about what you think of the show!

Stay nerdy, y’all!


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