Pen and Paper Mario RPG


For the past few months, I’ve been working on creating a new RPG based on the Paper Mario game series from Nintendo. I have created Events for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and made different adventures for other games, but this was my first time to create a roleplaying game from the ground up.

My main objectives for this game were to 1) Make it reminiscent of games in the Paper Mario series, and 2) Make the system very light on rules. I wanted to capture the  feel commonly found in traditional Japanese RPGs with a very clear delineation between the overworld and the mini-game-esque battle systems. I drew inspiration from a few different RPGs, but I tried to keep the rules simple and easy to be interpreted both by veteran role-players and younger ones.

I play-tested the system with my family and a sample adventure. What ensued was a fun-filled riot of laughter. You can listen to that adventure on my podcast Mistconceptions here.

I hope you enjoy Pen and Paper Mario RPG. Download it and play it with your table. Let me know what you think about the system, design, rules, and sample adventure. I’d love to get your feedback!

Keep it nerdy, y’all!

Pen and Paper Mario Rulebook v.2

v.2 – Fixed spelling errors, cleaned up formatting issues, lowered item prices to be more achievable, reworded some hero and villains’ abilities


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