Feng Shui 2: Pulp Hero Adventure!

Feng Shui 2 is a very fun action-packed system that mimics Hong Kong-style action movies of years past, but I decided to take the setting even further back into the past for a good old, Nazi-bashing pulp hero adventure!

The inkling of the story that would become this adventure began while I was playing the 2013 Tomb Raider on PS4. The final climatic pieces fell into place when I finally saw Kong: Skull Island. Those two influencing elements should be egregiously clear when you read through the adventure, but you can read more about my creative process for this adventure in the note from the author section.

I have been sitting on this finished product for a while now. My original wish was to test play it with some people, tweak what needed to be tweaked, and then make it public. But life goes on and things get pushed to the wayside. So, this adventure was just collecting digitized dust in a computer desktop folder and it became apparent that if I did find anyone to playtest this adventure with me, it would be a while coming. So, I decided that I should go ahead and make this adventure public and playable for those interested!

If you and yours play this adventure, let me know what you thought about it. This is my first time to create any sort of adventure using the Feng Shui 2 system, so if you have any grievances with mechanics or encounter balancing, let me know. Similarly, if there are any typos or story inconsistencies or anything like that, let me know. If there is enough that needs to be fixed, I will go ahead and release an updated version in the future.

But until then, enjoy and keep it nerdy, y’all!

Feng Shui 2 Pulp Hero Adventure


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