Animal Crossing RPG

Recently, I have discovered and fallen in love with one-page RPGs, specifically Lasers & Feelings by John Harper and Honey Heist by Grant Howitt. So, I decided to make one myself.

I’ve spent more time than I probably should have perusing the Lasers & Feelings Hacks page over at Rended Press. The reskins of L&F are a dime a dozen, but a certain few are truly wonderful and original (I’m looking at you¬†Luchadorat√≥n).

One-page RPGs are as much an art form as they are fun, rules-light RPG experiences. Fitting all the necessary rules onto one piece of paper is not an easy task to accomplish.

I had thought about making a L&F hack of my own, but I couldn’t think of an original concept that hadn’t been covered already by the numerous that already exist. Then, it hit me: Animal Crossing!

Lots of fond memories of this game.

Animal Crossing has been a staple game series in my life since its release on the GameCube. I’ve bought and played every version of the game since then and I am currently really enjoying Pocket Camp on my iPhone (besides the fact that my wife surpassed my level long ago).

But the concept and spirit of Animal Crossing is very different from other L&F hacks. Most L&F hacks have two stats representing physical strength or offensive capabilities, and mental or mystical/supernatural abilities. Animal Crossing isn’t your typical game with combat, boss battles, or political intrigue. It’s a pretty relaxing game, so I had to think, how could I make this super-relaxing, good-feelings game into an exciting and fun RPG experience?

The result is downloadable below, but the rough run-through of the main two stats of Animal Crossing RPG are Fashion and Animal. Fashion, of course, refers to all thing fashion or chic culture. Knowing the latest gossip or fashion trends, being able to outshine someone at a public event, or keep up a witty conversation would all fall under Fashion. Animal, on the other hand, is a different… well, beast. The Animal stat represents your physical toughness, ability to rough it outdoors, or catch fish and bugs. And, in keeping L&F mechanics, you’re good at one and bad at the other.

If you are looking for a rules-light RPG with plenty of combat, exciting action, and more foes than you can shake a stick at, you could find a lot of RPGs that could do that better. But if you are looking for a slow-paced, but still fun and engaging RPG experience with cute animals and silly plots, you’ve come to the right place.

Download Animal Crossing RPG.

Keep it nerdy, y’all!

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