Music To RPG To

I’ve recently gotten back into DMing DnD and I took a page out of Matt Mercer’s playbook to construct some RPG Playlists using Apple Music. Here they are for your perusal!

Not counting my years of playing Pathfinder, it’s been nearly 10 years since I last played Dungeons and Dragons (with my 3.5 campaign ending in early 2009). Due in no small part to Critical Role, I’ve decided to get back into DnD with 5th Edition.

That’s really neither here nor there, but serves to set the background for my recent endeavor to revisit my favorite Pathfinder Adventure Path, Kingmaker, using the DnD 5e rules. I may post the NPC conversions and some tips on running it for yourself at a later date once we’ve played through Book 1.

But having taken such a long break from DnD and d20 systems for so many years, I came back with a renewed interest to do even better in DMing one of my most cherished RPGs again. One thing I wanted to do was do a better job of setting the ambiance. During the later years of when I played Pathfinder, I employed Syrinscape, which is a really great tool that has ambiance, sounds, and faint music to set the mood for tons of different locales or situations. I’d recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

And while I really enjoyed using Syrinscape, I wanted to employ more music since music can convey and elicit such strong emotions. Again, I found Matt Mercer’s storytelling as a strong influence on my own and after watching the FAQ GM Tips video, I decided to create playlists on Apple Music to use in my new game. My playlists are down below for your perusal, inspiration, or even direct download in use in your own game.

RPG Adventure

RPG Big Battle

RPG Boss Battle

RPG Creepy

RPG Sacred

RPG Small Battle

RPG Tavern

RPG Town

(Note:¬†You may notice that there is a lack of any RPG Dungeon playlist. This is simply because Kingmaker doesn’t have too many dungeons. I may make a RPG Dungeon playlist at a later date, but I intend on using the RPG Creepy list for any small dungeons the party does encounter during the course of the adventure.)

Do you have any songs, soundtracks, or artists that your group listens to while gaming? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep it nerdy, y’all!


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