59779_10151537802378948_465791445_nDavid White is a gamer, an author, a husband, a singer, a teacher, a dreamer, a reader. To sum it up: David White is a nerd.

David grew up in rural, smalltown Texas until he moved to rural, slightly-largertown Texas to attend college. At a young age, David had a knack for writing and telling stories, and also creating epic home movies on his camcorder (most of which have been disposed of by men in yellow, puffy suits). David has always loved experiencing and telling stories, whether they be around a gaming table late at night, from the pages of a book, or from the mystical light of a screen. David currently resides in west central Texas, where he lives with his wonderful wife Kari and teaches elementary English at a local school.

David is also a contributor at Marvel Plot Points, a site dedicated to keeping the short-lived Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game alive.

David also produces an actual-play City of Mist podcast, which you can read more about on this blog or start listening to right now!


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