RPG Stuff

Rather than having to sift through an archive of old posts to find that one roleplaying adventure you were looking for, this page will serve as a handy depository for my fan-made adventures. I hope you have as much fun playing these games as I did making them. If you record, catalogue, or otherwise keep track of your group’s playthrough of one of these adventures, please let me know. I would love to keep up with it and see how you and your fair.

Age of Marvel (EotE Marvel superheroes hack)
Age of Marvel Character Sheet
How Doctor Doom Stole Christmas

Animal Crossing RPG

City of Mist RPG
City of Mist Original Character Playbook Template
El Bestia (Original Character)
The Driver (Original Character)
Laurin Drake (Original Character)
The Lion Knight (Original Character)
Morton, the Living Cartoon (Original Character)

Feng Shui 2
Feng Shui 2 Pulp Hero Adventure

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game
Council of Four
DCHRPG: Suffer the Children
X-Men Avenged

Pathfinder RPG
Homebrew Race Book

Pen and Paper Mario RPG
Pen and Paper Mario Rulebook v.2